We currently are not an official club, but are actively looking for members!If you are interested in joining this club, please fill out our

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please feel free to look around our website to see if youre interested in joining our club! We'll update our home page once our club starts with club schedules and other important information!

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<what is ACID?>

ACID is an achronym for
Art of Character Illustration and Design
We are a club that focuses on building skills and fluency with different character design and illustration concepts and rules, as well as learning good critique sharing and receiving skills.We hope to build a community of character designers and illustrators that share commonalities, but also offer different perspectives that influence their art styles.

<what are ACID's goals?>

Our goals for ACID are:

  • To create a time for busy students to freely create their art pieces

  • To learn the rules of character design and illustration, and then expand upon them

  • To encourage each artist to explore their own unique style, and learn techniques that help them express what they intend to

  • To supply artists with a place to get inspiration, guidance, and critique when they need help

<does ACID require funds?>

Not necessarily, the club isn't designed to require many materials that artists don't already have themselves.While this is true, if ACID gains enough members to request funding, we would use the funding to purchase an english art class that is voted on by the members of the class to learn the skills needed to progress with either character design or illustration!

<how does ACID operate?>

ACID is structured to have mostly open time, with optional scheduled critique sessions. At the beginning of each club meeting, a prompt will be discussed for artists that need the inspiration. If you don't want to participate with the prompt or the critique, there is no pressure to do so! Just enjoy the space and time to create.
We might talk about general character design or watch a tutorial together before we have funding for classes, but if we receive class funding, we will schedule those to run during club times.

<what do I need for ACID?>

While both of our presidents take a digital approach to character design and illustration, the club can work for all levels and all mediums of art! Whether you are an ipad user, a fan of pencil and paper, or have another medium you'd like to use, the principals of design and illustration are very similar.A computer is suggested, however, so club members can access Toyhou.se which is a character storage website which we will discuss more about in the club!



These are our official club hours! We meet in room 313 every Monday and 311 every Thursday.The schedule works in a rotation, with in-person and asynchronous options available depending on the activity. Join the discord to be notified of the schedule's rotation and other information!Monday: Prompt day (in-person/async)
Thursday: Online tutorials (in-person/async)
Every other Monday: Critique day (async)

Meet the Managers!




Vice President


Fae/They | 18 | ENFP

Nice to meet you! This is my first year of college, and I'm very excited to be at TUJ! I've been a semi-professional character designer for around 4~5 years now, working on different projects with different teams to sell my character designs on an online platform.

I specialize in humanoid and anthro character design, outfit design, and want to improve my rendering and background skills!

my hobbies include art, cosplay, playing video games, and playing dnd!


She/Her | 18

Hey hey! I'm a hobby artist with a passion for cute things! I dabble in a range of mediums, but right now I am focused on digital art. Moving forward I'd like to take my skills in a professional environment and work in a creative field.

I specialize in illustration and humanoid character design. I'm always working to make my art more dynamic ^^

I sleep a lot
(Ren stole all my other hobbies)

Personal Contacts


Discord is the best! All of them work though.


Please contact me through discord or email first!

Club Contacts

if you have any questions about the club, meeting times, actives, or anything we can help with, please feel free to reach out!

October 15 2023: We have our official club room! Our information meeting will be on the 16th in room 313 starting at 5 PMSeptember 15 2023: We officially have enough people to make an official club! We're working on timing and stuff while we wait for a response from the school.February 19 2024: Club is officially reopened!